Protesters block traffic on Highway 101 in SLO

Protesters blocked traffic on Highway 101 in San Luis Obispo on Monday and later engaged in a standoff with officers near the police station, while vandals and looters focused on the downtown area.

Hundreds of people protesting the death of George Floyd gathered in the afternoon at Mission Plaza. They then marched through downtown SLO and onto Highway 101, walking southbound in the northbound lanes.

Shortly before 5 p.m., the protesters stopped traffic in both directions on Highway 101 near Santa Rosa Street. 

After exiting the highway, protesters walked through downtown and later engaged in a standoff with officers on Santa Rosa Street near the San Luis Obispo police station. The standoff between protesters and officers at the intersection of Santa Rosa and Walnut streets continued until after 7 p.m., when police asked the protesters to disperse.

While many left, a small group remained with some throwing water bottles at police. Officers arrested several people and shot tear gas at protesters.

In line with protest in larger cities, after the march led to civil unrest, vandals and looters focused on local businesses. A vandal shot out windows at Central Coast Surfboards, Founders Community Bank, and Shoe Palace. Looters then snatched items from the shoe store.

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One Comment about “Protesters block traffic on Highway 101 in SLO”

  1. Lars LK. says:

    This lies squarely on the inept Chief and Her Lack of Leadership and control, she along with the City staff were seen in the Protest earlier in the day at Mitchell Park, the Chief did NOT social distance as she told everyone in her Facebook posts.

    She did NOT wear gloves she allowed the [protesters] to leave Mitchell park, which violates the Permit issued for the protest to have them only protest in the park, she and her co-conspirators allowed this to get out of control and thus caused violations of Intrastate and interstate commerce by blocking streets so no one from ambulances to, fire trucks or even Police respond to others who needed help.

    Both of the above are both Federal and State Crimes, especially when they took over Hwy 101, CHP said it was the Chief who allowed this to happen,she supported the Violent, Criminal and illegal persons doing this violent RIOT, she needs to GO………..

    To allow these criminal to get within 20 feet of the HQ of the SLOPD is very poor planning and endangers everyone in the City. Several businesses along both Marsh and Higuera had to close there doors out of fear that the “Rioters” who come in and steal and hurt people.

    It in now abundantly clear a total failure at every level of SLOPD the Chief permitted this to happen and even encouraged it this is shameful and she needs to be fired NOW. Several of her own staff said later the Chief was unhinged and not in control at all.

    I witnessed 4 businesses shut the doors on Higuera and Chorro all from fear, the time is now to remove this deplorable Chief, at least other agencies had Undercover agents in the crowd monitoring and taking Intell, Photo’s , as well as a drone was taking photo’s. Several of these thugs were later followed in a Green painted old school bus with signs on it ” Black Lives Matter” Kill the Pigs”, Fuck 12 which was also photographed by KSBY, Tribune and others.

    They went to the “Gay” Church 11245 LOVR Called United Church of Christ, next to the Laguana Golf Course and spent the night in safety of over 45 protesters. A Openly Gay and known supporter of Antifa.

    To allow the Criminals to break windows, steal shoes cloths, booze and more is not what SLO needs nor wants, finally this was the fault of Chief Cantrell and her lack of proper Police and Crowd control and knowledge of the Law.

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