SLO businesses board up windows,as protests continue

Hundreds of protestors marched through San Luis Obispo on Wednesday afternoon in support of police reform in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd.

At 2 p.m., protestors met outside SLO City Hall, and then marched south on Higuera Street. At the corner of Broad Street, the protestors blocked traffic for eight-minutes and 46-seconds, the time the officer knelt on Floyd’s neck.

Throughout the march, protestors blocked traffic at major intersections for eight-minutes and 46-second intervals.

The protestors handed out a list of demands, which included requiring officers to wear body cams at all times, banning the use of choke holds, banning rubber bullets and tear gas use on protestors, and agreeing to long-term reform of police policies.

In anticipation the ongoing protests could turn violent, business owners in San Luis Obispo closed their shops early with many boarding up their windows. However, Wednesday’s protest remained peaceful.

In addition, several motorcycle clubs sent members to stop looters and vandals who might try to take advantage of the situation.

Mayor Heidi Harmon marched with the protestors.

At Tuesday’s city council meeting, in response to a request from Harmon, the council directed $140,000 in city funds to be spent on diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.

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One Comment about “SLO businesses board up windows,as protests continue”

  1. C3I Paulson says:

    This never ever should have gotten out of control, who ever is or was in charge should be called on the carpet and let go. C3I= Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence.

    None of that was apparent in this out of control Civil Disturbance this was NOT a protest, it was a civil and criminal disobedience to the community. To close city hall, close the courts, tell business to go home early and board your businesses : That is the failure of those in charge or NOT in charge. Cowardly acts by Government Officials is not a good thing for the community.

    I suggest the following:
    KNOW WHO IS IN COMMAND ? was it the Chief of SLOPD, the CHP, Sheriffs Office ???

    Have take down teams at the ready
    Have a Mutual Aid response in place if needed
    Be and Have all equipment ready and those using it trained
    Monitor all Media, Social Media, Known Radical Groups, have up to date Intelligence
    Have Operatives infiltrate the crowds with cameras and Intell capability
    Have your Local Leaders stay out of the way and NEVER EVER participate in or join these crowds that sends the wrong message.
    Have Critical Infrastructure ready ie; Public Works
    Never Ever ALLOW the crowds control the highways and byways

    NEVER EVER ALLOW ANY CROWD TO BE WITHIN 300 Feet of any Law Enforcement Facility
    Have all Support and Local staff be properly trained and at the Ready, confirm with local medical facilities they are protected.

    Ensure that ALL roads, highways and freeways are clear and open for not just travel but foe emergency vehicles to move about freely without delay.

    Use DRONES
    Use the [proper] use of force and crowd control such as the Y, L, Line, U, X to control the crowds and break them up to smaller more controllable groups.
    Use ” Cross Bow” Techniques
    Contact all Gas stations to check if people have been buying Gasoline in bottles, cans etc.

    Split and Separate/Divide the Crowds, have enough removal teams and dogs at the ready

    As SLO’s several events all got out of control then today’s march will most likely get out of control, these events are more than a simple protest, for business to close, board up, have the courts close, city leaders go home to see the Despicable Chief of Police, cry on the news shows weakness and that she in NOT in control she should be replace soon.

    Reviewing Intell Video and aerial photos shows a total disregard for business, being able to walk and shop and not being warned that streets were being blocked thus causing trouble who ever was or is alleged to be in Control of the Police failed at every level.

    Rioting is a Crime so do your jobs and do not allow criminals to control your city remove those who failed everyone in SLO

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