More than 3,000 attend protest in San Luis Obispo

Photo by Richard Bastian

Thousands participated in a peaceful protest against police violence in San Luis Obispo on Thursday evening.

At 5 p.m., more than 3,000 attendees gathered at the SLO County Courthouse. Organizers with the NAACP and Cal Poly Black Faculty and Staff said the primary purpose of the protest is to take action against violence.

Following several speeches, protesters marched through San Luis Obispo.

Photo by Richard Bastian

This is the fourth protest over the death of George Floyd in San Luis Obispo. During one of the previous protests, several attendees threw rocks and water bottles at police officers, who fired teargas at the crowd.

In anticipation of the protest, and over fears of violence, more businesses boarded up windows, many businesses and goverment agencies closed early in the day, cruise night promoters canceled their event, and officers closed some off-ramps from Highway 101.

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One Comment about “More than 3,000 attend protest in San Luis Obispo”

  1. Geri Kinnie says:

    This is appalling and the city leaders are allowing violent civil unrest to continue is out right wrong and illegal where are our Civic Leaders ?

    It is now time to remove the Mayor and the Chief of Police they are complicate in this ongoing destructive means, [please step down Mayor Harmon and Chief Cantrell]

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