California to allow bars to begin reopening on Friday

The state of California will allow bars to reopen on Friday in counties that meet the criteria to enter phase 3 of the state’s four-phase reopening plan.

Also on Friday, the state will permit the reopening of other types of businesses, including wineries, breweries, gyms, movie theaters, zoos, museums, campgrounds, cardrooms and racetracks. Night clubs and concert venues are among the businesses that still will not be permitted to reopen.

Since California issued a shelter-in-place order, bars have been allowed to serve take-out food and drinks. Sit-down drinking had not been permitted, though under recently relaxed rules, patrons have been allowed to consume drinks at bars that serve dine-in food.

In some areas of California, bars have also reopened in violation of state rules.

When the remaining bars receive approval to reopen, they will need to follow similar rules as restaurants, including six-foot social distancing between tables and adhering to a maximum occupancy.

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