Jordan Cunningham to donate 10 percent of salary to nonprofits

Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham

California Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham (R-San Luis Obispo) announced this week he will start donating 10 percent of his monthly salary to Central Coast nonprofits. 

In a news release, Cunningham stated he would do so in line with recommendations of the state Citizens Compensation Commission, as well as California’s new budget agreement that includes pay cuts for state workers. 

“The governor is asking members of our community to do more with less, and legislators should have to do the same,” Cunningham said. “Central Coast nonprofits help make our community the best in the state — I am proud to help them support local residents in times of need.”

Cunningham will begin donating 10 percent of his salary in July to the San Luis Obispo Law Enforcement Assistance Foundation (SLO LEAF), and he will make the contribution in the names of SLO County Sheriff’s Deputy Nick Dreyfus and Arroyo Grande Police Sergeant Michael Smiley, the two local officers shot during the recent Paso Robles manhunt. 

In 2019, Cunningham received a base salary of $110,458, or approximately $9,200 a month, according to Transparent California.

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