Arroyo Grande Police Chief Beau Pryor retiring

By Karen Velie

Arroyo Grande Police Chief Beau Pryor announced Friday that he plans to retire in July, capping a 26-year career with the department.

“I am very pleased to announce my planned retirement date with you,” Pryor said.”It has been an honor to serve the citizens and visitors of Arroyo Grande for the past 26 years as a public servant.”

His last day will be July 9.

Pryor served as Arroyo Grande’s police chief for the past three years. Before becoming chief, Pryor was a commander, a motorcycle traffic officer, senior police officer, detective, sergeant, and detective sergeant. He has also served as a field training officer, a bicycle patrol officer and a member of the Special Response Team.

Pryor said he is selecting his replacement from the city’s two commanders.

“I have committed the last four years mentoring two police commanders for this moment,” Pryor said. “They are actively engaged in a competitive process and one of them will be chosen to lead this organization into the future. Lastly, this succession plan will create promotional opportunities throughout every rank within the department, which is exciting for the membership and it brings new leadership throughout the ranks.

“I am very appreciative for all of the support that has been provided to me, my family and all of the outstanding members of your Arroyo Grande Police Department!”

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