Missing Paso Robles man was the victim of a homicide

Trevon Perry


Paso Robles police believe they have found the remains of a missing Paso Robles man who testified for prosecutors at a murder suspect’s preliminary hearing prior to his disappearance on March 15. Investigators are awaiting final DNA results, but are confident the body is Trevon Perry.

Perry testified in December against Kejuan Guy Bynum, the man suspected of murdering 23-year-old Cristopher Vento Wilson. At the end of the preliminary hearing, Superior Court Judge Craig Van Rooyen ruled there was sufficient evidence for Bynum to be tried for Wilson’s murder. But before a trial date was set, Perry was reported missing.

At a Friday afternoon press conference, Chief Ty Lewis said an intensive investigation led them to search a home in Riverside, where they found Perry’s body on June 18. The department is investigating the case as a homicide.

Perry and Wilson were childhood friends. On June 1, 2019, they were at a home on Escondido Way in Shandon. A fight broke out between Wilson and Bynum, who were both drinking at the time. The fight moved outside where Bynum is alleged to have stabbed Wilson. Wilson later died from his injuries.

On March 16, Perry’s family reported he was missing after he left with an acquaintance to attend a gathering in the area of Jardine Road in Paso Robles. He never returned, according to a family member who has asked to remain unnamed for fear of retaliation.

Several weeks after Perry went missing, on April 4, another close friend of his and Wilson’s went to talk to an acquaintance about Perry’s disappearance, according to Perry’s relative. While the acquaintance did not show, a drive-by shooter shot Perry’s friend in the shoulder as he was walking near the corner of 2nd and Vine streets, in front of Perry’s home.

Officers are not releasing further information about Perry at this time because they do not want to compromise the investigation.

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