California orders bars in seven counties to close

Gov.Gavin Newsom

California Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered all bars in seven counties to close, and recommended closures in eight others counties on Sunday, citing a surge in new coronavirus cases.

The state ordered bars in Los Angeles, Fresno, Kern, San Joaquin, Tulare, Kings and Imperial counties to close immediately. In addition, Brown recommended health officials in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, Sacramento, Riverside, San Bernardino and Stanislaus counties also temporarily close all bars.

“COVID-19 is still circulating in California, and in some parts of the state, growing stronger,” Newsom said. “That’s why it is critical we take this step to limit the spread of the virus in the counties that are seeing the biggest increases.”

During the second week of June, Brown permitted bars to reopen. However, as the state has reopened, the number of daily new coronavirus cases and hospitalizations has increased.

Leading counties for confirmed coronavirus cases:

Los Angeles County has 95,371 confirmed cases, 3,285 deaths.

Imperial County has 6,041 confirmed cases, 81 death.

Kern County has 4,478 confirmed cases, 70 deaths.

Fresno County has 4,474 confirmed cases, 72 deaths.

Tulare County has 3,810 confirmed cases, 122 deaths.

San Juaquin County has 3,093  confirmed cases, 52 deaths.

Kings County has 2,318  confirmed cases, 22 deaths.

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