Cambria business burns after truck ruptures gas line

A pickup truck crashed into both a Cambria gourmet food shop and a gas line Saturday afternoon, sparking a fire that possibly destroyed the building in which the business is located.

The truck crashed into A Matter of Taste, a gourmet food and culinary shop located at 4120 Burton Drive. The collision ruptured a gas line, igniting a fire and causing an explosion.

It took emergency responders multiple hours to shut off the leaking gas line. Firefighters from several agencies, including the Cambria and San Luis Obispo fire departments, as well as Cal Fire, battled the blaze. 

Firefighters contained the blaze to A Matter of Taste, but the fire may have also caused minor damage to neighboring buildings. Employees managed to escape the building, and no one suffered major injuries as a result of the fire.

“Everyone here at A Matter of Taste is okay,” the business stated in a Facebook post. “We are completely devastated and in shock.”

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One Comment about “Cambria business burns after truck ruptures gas line”

  1. Fretman says:

    Really really to sorry to hear that. It is great business and really hope the owner is able to get back up and running as soon as possible.

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