Men’s Colony inmate coronavirus cases spike to 77

Shortly after 43 California Men’s Colony inmates tested positive for the coronavirus, another 34 CMC inmates also received positive test results.

Over the past two weeks, 77 CMC inmates tested positive for the virus. CMC currently has 77 active inmate cases and 10 active staff cases.

In April, 11 inmates and three staffers tested positive for coronavirus. Prison staff quickly curtailed the April outbreak, and have since recovered and returned to work.

As of Tuesday, there are 1,288 state prison inmates in California with active coronavirus cases, 33 of whom are receiving medical care at outside facilities. A total of 50 state prison inmates have died of coronavirus.

There is also a combined total of 1,010 CDCR and California Correctional Health Services employees with active coronavirus cases. Eight state prison staffers who contracted the coronavirus have died.

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