Boy drowns at Lake Nacimiento

Jonathan Barrueta


A boy drowned at Lake Nacimiento Sunday afternoon. Relatives have identified him as Jonathan Barrueta.

Shortly before 2 p.m., a 911 caller reported a drowning at Lake Nacimiento. Rescue crews, including a San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s dive team, Cal Fire personnel and Monterey County rangers, responded to the scene.

Rescue crews were reportedly searching for the boy near the main boat launch. It is unclear whether divers located Barrueta’s body.

A Go Fund Me campaign raising money for funeral expenses states Barrueta’s family is devastated.

“We are devastated by this and don’t know how we will continue our journey without Jonathan. He was our center of attention and the one who brought laughs and happiness,” according to the Go Fund Me page.

It is unclear what led up to Barrueta’s drowning.

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