Local high school football players return to practice without footballs

San Luis Obispo County high school athletes on Monday returned to practice for the first time since coronavirus measures took effect in March. They did so without using any balls. [KSBY]

In addition to not being allowed to use balls at practice, high school athletes must social distance and remain in pods of no more than 14 individuals. 

At San Luis Obispo High School, the football, cross country and boys water polo teams returned to practice on Monday. The remainder of fall sports teams at the school will return to practice on Tuesday. 

SLO High Football Coach Pat Johnston told KSBY his team is using the current practice setup to conduct conditioning and non-contact drills. The school’s main goal is keep students safe and to follow county guidelines to the best of its ability, Johnson said.

The SLO High coach also said being able to return to practice will do wonders for his players’ mentality.

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