Oceano plans to raise water rates by 37 percent

ynthia Replogle, Linda Austin, Shirley Gibson, Karen White and Allene Villa

Oceano officials are proposing a 37 percent water rate increase over three years to pay for infrastructure repairs, employee costs and to achieve minimum financial reserves.

The Oceano Community Services District staff wants three months of expenses in reserves. In addition, the district is seeking $113,000 a year to pay for new full and part time positions and $186,000 a year for capital infrastructure improvements.

If passed, the increases will be phased in over three years with 13 percent in year one, 10 percent in year two and 10 percent in year three.

In order to halt the proposed increases, at least half of the community’s water account holders would need to submit a written objection before or during the district meeting scheduled for Oct. 14.

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