Erik Long for San Luis Obispo City Council

Erik Long


I have known Erik Long for many years. He is progressive, open minded, and realistic, and is able to get things done. He is very well educated and experienced in political science and political activism.

He is a talented leader who is dedicated and focused on the issues facing the city.

He plans to have three summits where all can offer their opinions and suggestions on the major issues facing the city of SLO — homelessness, housing, and downtown parking. This demonstrates he is willing to listen and serve all citizens in a thoughtful manner.

He is also proposing to add foot patrols to the downtown area in order to improve police relations and communications, and provide excellent service to downtown businesses and tourists. He is respected and endorsed by many professionals and business owners in SLO.

A longtime resident of SLO, Erik has the passion to serve the city and improve the lives of the people.

Please vote for Erik Long in the upcoming election.

Phil I. Panos is a retired firefighter who has lived in San Luis Obispo since 1978.