SLO City inundated with political misinformation


In response to confusion regarding Cherisse Sweeney for mayor and Abrianna Torres for the San Luis Obispo City Council, here is clarification into the candidates’ non-partisanship positions.

Campaign treasurer Bryan Burch (PFS) works for both Sweeney and Torres. He was highly recommended based on his ability to ensure compliance and professional oversight of the campaigns’ finances.

As committed non-partisan candidates, both Sweeney and Torres continue to focus on issues facing the City of San Luis Obispo.

In addition to joining a number of other groups–of all “beliefs,” Sweeney joined the Facebook group “Take Back SLO” during the shutdown to see what people were saying and what resources were being shared. Joining these groups has enormously helped Sweeney to understand the pulse of what is going on in our city — from all sides.

Running a non-partisan race means reaching out to all members of the community in an effort to unify it. It is Sweeney’s and Torres’ goal to listen to diverse voices — not just one side.

A lifelong resident of SLO County — seven generations strong — Sweeney has had a business storefront in downtown SLO for approximately eight years. Because this election is so important to her, she was willing to uproot her family to move a short distance into the city limits. She currently lives within city limits.

Sweeney has been an active member of our community all her life.

Both Sweeney and Torres advocate for non-partisanship because they clearly see how it is exactly partisanship that divides our world not only at the national level, but also at the local level in our very own home of San Luis Obispo.

Sweeney plans to reinforce San Luis Obispo’s foundation by restoring community trust in public health and safety, implementing balanced environmental and energy policies, and focusing on local economic recovery.

Torres aims to address homelessness, accommodate work-force housing, and support public safety with adequate training, transparency, and accountability.

I personally invite you to see how non-partisanship could benefit the entire community. I’ve worked with Cherisse Sweeney and Abrianna Torres and I know they are available to discuss any of these issues or other concerns you might have. Remember: Vote!