Hearing for SLO Black Lives Matter protesters continued


While supporters of four BLM protesters chanted for the judge to dismiss the cases, San Luis Obispo County Court Judge Mathew Guerrero continued the hearing on a motion to dismiss and a motion for a gag order because of issues with the filings.

Both the CHP and the California Attorney General questioned the timeliness of a motion for a gag order to bar CHP and SLO police personnel from discussing the case. In addition, Tianna Arrata’s attorney Patrick Fisher’s motion to dismiss the case was not properly served on the CHP or the city.

After the four plaintiffs agreed to wave time for a speedy trial, Guerrero set a continuation of the hearing for Dec. 3.

Arata is currently facing 13 misdemeanor charges for her actions on July 21, when she allegedly led approximately 300 protesters onto Highway 101, blocking all lanes in both directions for nearly an hour. Arata is facing one count of unlawful assembly, one count of disturbing the peace, six counts of obstruction of a thoroughfare and five counts of false imprisonment.

Last week, prosecutors filed four misdemeanor charges against Marcus Montgomery, 24, including false imprisonment, obstructing the free movement of any person in a public place, and resisting or delaying a police officer. Also, Joshua Powell, 23, is charged with obstructing or delaying an officer and Amman Asfaw, 22, is charged with false imprisonment.

Guerrero said that even though he is being transferred to family court in January, he will stay with the case.

Outside, protesters morphed from asking the judge to dismiss charges and the district attorney to dismiss the case, to promoting SLO Mayor Heidi Harmon’s reelection while criticizing her opponent and District Attorney Dan Dow.

Several speakers, including Rita Casaverde, the chair of the SLO County Democratic Party Central Committee, cursed as they asked the protesters to vote against local Republicans.

Casaverde referred to Dow as “b***h ass prima dona,” while another speaker mentioned Dow’s genitalia.

“This system is already f**ked up enough as it is, the unnamed male speaker said. “We don’t need someone to come along and stick his little dick in it, and bust a nut, and try to make it work.”

Shortly afterwards, a speaker sang a rap song while some of the protesters began dancing.

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One Comment about “Hearing for SLO Black Lives Matter protesters continued”

  1. OSI says:

    The facts need to be fully exposed and what happened today by this crowd and the FOUL mouthed people, especially in front of Children, shows they are loosing the case, As a matter of “FACT” how is it a Lawyer does not know when or how to file papers properly & Timely ?

    Patrick Fisher who says he got his Bachelor’s Degree from “Cuesta Community College ” problem is the key word is Community College, Cuesta Community College does NOT issue nor is it certified to issue any Bachelor degrees. So Mr. Fisher has lied, again he lied in several cases where he was Paid mostly in Cash $ . I hope he paid and filed taxes on all the cash he took.

    He has lied to Prosecutors, Judges, Juries and more, his so called “University Law Degree” came from an online, correspondence school with no classes to attend. It is rated as a non accredited school for those who could not get into a Authentic law school.

    He is apparently tied to a company called “Blue Dot” aka “HannahFisherMakeup ” I know several of the current defendants and spoke to one today. This deceitful and outrageous statement against the Dooley Elected District Attorney Dan Dow,Esq., a War Hero and still serving our Great Nation. To see Tianna and her cohorts burn and smile while stomp on the American Flag is nothing short as “Disgraceful”

    The horrible foul mouthed Lawyers , Protesters shows the lack of maturity and integrity, as the many ” Justice for Tianna” sites set up to get $ Money all to go directly to Patrick Fisher who says he is doing this “Free” or pro bono that too is a life per Gofundme and others all the funds go directly to Patrick Fishers client account . Now that the CalBar has several complaints against him they will along with the IRS, FTB, BOE and others learn where did the money go ?

    As Patrick Fisher hired a Private Investigator named ” Lookout Investigations” owner and sole proprietor a former Fresno Bee aka McClatchy News paper named Stevan Rosenlind from now Cambria was paid by Patrick Fisher ? where did that money come from ? where is all the money now ? who has control and where is the accounting ?

    Recent documented records of Patrick Fisher and his PI have revealed he has been trying to intimidate witnesses, alter evidence and conceal facts of this case that will go on and on for the money. Some of the many U/C witnesses have confirmed Michelle-ArataWentworth aka Michelle Arata this family has bankrupted thousands of dollars and cheated many businesses from money and service what kind of person fails to pay her bills, buy and get a large amount of cash, cloths, Jewelry, Cell phones and more and files two Chapter 7 one in 2005, 2013.

    Patrick Fisher has called several people including several writers who have been reporting on this case, other PI’s are now calling people as well to get to the facts and TRUTH of this case.

    As young children were present the F??? everyone was repeated over 25 times by several people including lawyers. This is an easy case, all the video proves the case beyond a reasonable doubt. So Lawyers stop your stalling and filing frivolous motions to delay Justice, get the trial moving on stop calling names to our DA, DDA’s and witnesses and stop trying to silence witnesses.

    Patrick Fisher’s wife is a close friend of Michelle Arata so now we know the connection, Makeup person wife of the Lawyer who may not be a real ethical lawyer after all. We now know from Photos and Videos that the Fisher family likes to party and party hard.

    As several Drones, Long distance Photographs were being taken among other surveillance the evidence is powerful and strong, delay is a cheap lawyer tactic to get billable hours , i hope a real in dept audit and investigations continues into “Follow the Money” where is it ?

    Patrick Fisher has and is again using the spotlight to get $ and business, why are so many defendants using the Public Defenders whom we tax payers have to pay… Tianna gets Patrick
    Fisher AND IT IS NOT FREE. A gag order needs to be on Patrick Fisher and his cohorts including the PI who is being used to intimidate as well , the State Dept. of Consumer Affairs of Security and Investigative Service along with CalBar probes will with the FBI, IRS, FTB, CID,BOE will want the money they are do……………………….

    Let the Trial begin and stop calling everyone F??? U

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