Horse electrocuted in Los Osos after bird downs power line


A bird flew into a power line in Los Osos, knocking it down and causing it to fall on a horse, electrocuting and killing the animal, according to PG&E. [KSBY]

Cindy Molnar said she owned her horse, Josie, for 20 years. She acquired Josie as a two-year-old, and the horse grew up with her children and took care of them, Molnar said. 

Josie lived on a property in Los Osos for the last 15 years.

On Monday evening, Molnar came out to feed her horse and then learned from a neighbor that Josie had died. The neighbor said her own horse was with Josie when the power line fell. It is a miracle her own horse survived the incident, the neighbor said.

PG&E statement released a statement on Tuesday explaining the incident. 

“PG&E was saddened to learn of an electric incident yesterday that resulted in the death of a horse and an outage to 2,500 customers in Los Osos,” the utility said in the statement. “PG&E crews found that a bird flew into a power line, causing it to arc and then fall, where it came in contact with a horse.”

Molnar said the bottom line is it could have been a human who died because of the downed power line.

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