San Simeon planning to hire Paavo Ogren

Paavo Ogren

While local developers are eying San Simeon, district officials are unsure how to move forward with new construction and lifting the community’s more than 30-year building moratorium.

Five years ago, the district built a reverse osmosis facility to provide the community with drinkable water 12 months out of the year. In the past few months, vacant property owners and their attorney’s have insisted the district has enough water to lift the moratorium and let new construction begin.

The district is looking to Paavo Ogren, a former Oceano Community Services District administrator, to come out of retirement and help navigate ending the moratorium.

During the district’s October board meeting, staff noted the complexity of lifting the moratorium, including the various over-site agencies that must be involved.

The district has scheduled a special meeting for Nov. 19, when the board is expected to approve a contract with Ogren for $175 an hour for a maximum of 100 hours. Ogren is slated to assist attorney Jeff Minnery and the board in understanding and implement the complexities of lifting the building moratorium.