SLO County settles Adam Hill sexual harassment lawsuit

SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill


A recently released claim and settlement agreement exposes deceased San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill’s sexual misconduct and destruction of records.

Last week, SLO County settled a sexual harassment complaint Hill’s former legislative assistant Nicole Nix lodged against the county. In the settlement agreement, the county agreed to pay Nix $39,288, which is equivalent to six-months salary.

In the July 27 complaint, Nix accuses Hill of sexual misconduct, including groping, slapping, and “gross things,” though the specifics are difficult to determine because of heavy redacting by the county. However, the complaint does detail how Nix became Hill’s administrative assistant.

In late 2017, Hill and Nix began dating. Then in early 2019, Hill terminated his then-legislative assistant and hired Nix at more than $100,000 a year in pay and benefits.

In Oct. 2019, the couple broke up after Hill became concerned the public would find out about their relationship, according to the claim. In early 2020, Hill and Nix had sex for the last time following an event the pair attended together, according to the complaint.

At mid-2020, Hill was also dating his wife, whom he was divorcing. This caused friction between Hill and Nix.

It was around this time that Hill ordered Nix to delete emails.

“Recognizing the need to preserve emails due to public records requirements, (name redacted) asked which ones,” according to the complaint. “He replied, ‘Just the emails people shouldn’t see.’ “

Hill said the emails he wanted her “to delete were related to,” followed by 10 redacted lines in the complaint.

After their breakup, Hill groped her sexually and slapped her on the butt while she plugged in a television, according to the complaint. Hill said he could not help himself, and that his assistant needed to “quit being so sexy.”

Hill would text Nix at night when he was intoxicated, the complaint says.

She “stated Hill’s texts to (her) had become a pattern: Cryptic, cryptic, cryptic, suicidal, and then he would be fine for a month,” according to the complaint.

Hill was often angry, lashed out, and pounded items with his fists, according to the complaint.  The complaint notes that “Hill was using,” but redacts the rest of the paragraph.

Less than a week after Nix filed her complaint, and shortly after Hill learned the accusation was on an upcoming Board of Supervisor’s meeting agenda for discussion in closed session, Hill committed suicide on Aug. 6.

Redacted copy of a complaint. by CalCoastNews