Dawn Ortiz-Legg discusses appointment, Adam Hill

Dawn Ortiz-Legg

In response to her appointment to the San Luis Obispo County District 3 supervisor seat, Dawn Ortez-Legg said she is grateful for all the peopleĀ  who supported her selection and for former supervisor Adam Hill, in a Facebook post on Sunday.

Ortiz-Legg’s Facebook post:

“It is a super humbling honor to be appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom to the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors to represent District 3 Supervisor. It was about 48 hours ago that I received his call and I am finally coming up for air. An appointment is much different than being voted in by the people, but my dedication to all citizens of District 3 and SLO County is beholden just the same.

“My gratitude to each and every one who provided expressions of support, especially the working brothers and sisters of the Labor unions, the business community, Latino organizations, co-workers and associates from all walks of life, Thank you!

“When I applied to be your public servant, I knew it would mean big changes in my life. I will be leaving my position with PG&E, as I must have no conflict of interests to do the job properly. I am proud of my work at PG&E, and acknowledge the incredible dedication to all who keep the power flowing 24/7.

“Here, I am also announcing the end of my marriage. Dan’s incredible work ethic and support has given me much strength and knowledge to be a better supervisor, and we will be friends forever.

“These are important items I needed to share.

“I want to honor the powerful and talented group of applicants who also applied, Mariam Shah, Erica Stewart, Erica Flores Baltodano and Kara Woodruff, and former Supervisor Peg Pinard. Each contributes so much to our community right now, and will continue to pursue their commitments to a better world. I respect and admire each of you, and look forward to supporting your work and future political careers.

“Of course, none of this would have happened, unless the seat was open, and tragically, this opportunity comes at the price of losing one of the most effective, intelligent and dedicated Supervisors, Adam Hill.

“I have lots to say about Adam, his legacy and life and the frailties of being human. He made me laugh and made me mad many, many times. He also made me his planning commissioner, for which I am grateful, as many land use issues come before the Board of Supervisors. Bless his good soul and his family and friends.

“More on Adam to come.”