Harmon seeking to change the term for SLO mayor to four years

Mayor Heidi Harmon

San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon is wanting her fellow council members to consider changing the mayor term from two years to four years. If the council agrees, voters would make the final decision.

Of the seven cities in San Luis Obispo County, Paso Robles is the only one with a four-year term for mayor.

“I did want to just plant a seed, I guess I would say, or just start a conversation, not to start the conversation tonight,” Harmon said during council communications during the Dec. 8 SLO City Council meeting. “Two years is just too short. Elections cause too much drama and too much distraction from the role itself.”

Harmon went on to ask the council to consider putting her proposal on the 2022 ballot. None of her fellow council members commented on he proposal.

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