New California laws for 2021

Gov.Gavin Newsom

On New Year’s Day 2021, California Gov. Gavin Newsom passed 372 new laws including dozen made in response to the coronavirus and concerns over systemic racism.

Here are some of the new laws:

Requirement for hospitals to maintain a three-month supply of personal protective equipment. Hospitals that fail to maintain a three-month stockpile face $25,000 fines per violation.

Law against price gouging after an emergency is declared. This law was inspired by those who bought up products amid the pandemic and then attempted to sell the items for a profit.

Employers must inform employees in writing of exposure to the coronavirus within 24 hours or face fines.

Law banning law enforcement from using chokeholds, which cut off a person air supply, and neck restraints, which cuts off blood flow to the brain.

A law limiting probation to a maximum of one year for most misdemeanors and two years for felonies.

A requirement for the California Attorney General’s Office to investigate fatal police shootings when the deceased was unarmed.

Inmates who worked as firefighters can now petition to have their records expunged and their parole waived. The law was passed to make it easier for inmates to get jobs as firefighters following their release from prison.

Homeowners must create a 5-foot ember resistant zone surrounding their homes and decks. Keeping the 5 feet closest to your residence clear of flammable materials greatly improves the chance of surviving a fire.