SLO police identify the man accused of hate crimes at a hospital

Daniel Marcom

The San Luis Obispo Police Department has identified the man who allegedly threatened a doctor and a patient at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center on Friday as Daniel Marcom, a homeless man who suffers from mental illness and addiction issues.

Before 8 a.m., a doctor treating Marcom asked him to be quiet, Marcom’s response was to threaten the doctor while using a racial slur.

Later, the 51-year-old Marcom became angry with the 77-year-old patient he was sharing a hospital room with, and unprovoked, Marcom brandished a knife and threatened to harm the man while uttering a racial epithet. Hospital staff then asked the police department to assist them.

Marcom’s issues with the San Luis Obispo Police Department date back to 2004. The calls involving Marcom have related to alcohol use, trespassing, and mental health. He is also listed as an officer safety risk for threats to officers from an incident in 2010.

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