SLO County residents lose power due to wind, planned outages



Residents across several areas of San Luis Obispo County have lost power on Tuesday, a result of both high winds and preemptive power cuts by PG&E.

Hundreds or more residents have lost power in the Templeton and Cambria areas as a result of the weather conditions. There is also a power outage along Highway 46 between Templeton and Cambria, according to PG&E.

Meanwhile, PG&E has cut put power to the areas of Huasna, Suey and Twitchell Reservoir in South County, according to the SLO County Office of Emergency Services. A PG&E map shows intentional outages are in effect in rural Arroyo Grande and rural Nipomo, as well.

Wind gusts of up to 55 mph are expected in SLO County, lasting until 4 a.m. Wednesday. PG&E responds to high wind events that could lead to fires with “public safety power shutoffs.”

After removing SLO County from the possible blackout list, PG&E released a map showing 373 county residents could have their power turned off Tuesday morning, mostly in the South County areas now impacted by the intentional outages. 

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