Morro Bay teacher under criminal investigation

Tyler Andree


Amid allegations of misconduct, Morro Bay High School chemistry teacher and girl’s swim coach Tyler Andree suddenly resigned, just two days before the start of the second semester.

A 2014 San Luis Obispo High School graduate, Andree began working at Morro Bay High School on Aug.13, 2019. He taught chemistry and also implemented an advanced placement chemistry class.

On Jan. 18, Andree submitted his resignation — effective immediately, said Christin Newlon, San Luis Coastal Unified School District human resources director. At that time, the school had not selected his replacement.

The district is not disclosing the reasons for Andree’s resignation, pending a police investigation.

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One Comment about “Morro Bay teacher under criminal investigation”

  1. djw222 says:

    I have a story for you. Not sure if it’s reportable or newsworthy. My daughter (15) caught her step father videoing her changing, from under the crack of her bedroom door. Evidently this man has done this before, to a different step daughter, in North Carolina, where he’s from. The man, Ronald Eastep, who works for Artisan Windows on Granada Ave., admitted to his actions to my daughter and his wife, (mother of child), Julia O’Connor, who is a teacher at Pacheco Elementary. The mother is “standing by her husband,” while my daughter is having a difficult time getting over what happened to her. She feels very violated. He also admitted to doing this to my older daughter and my daughter’s mother.
    There were also times my 15 year old awoke to him standing in her room in the middle of the night, with her bed sheets pulled down.
    The DA- Dan Down has refused to go after him, for lack of evidence, when my daughter is sure this happened, with an admission from the perpetrator. Police need more evidence to seize his property and DA won’t do anything.
    This has been reported to CPS, as well.
    Thank You,
    Darrin Woods 805-264-8940

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