Morro Bay student describes teacher’s alleged pursuit of her

Tyler Andree

A female Morro Bay High School student alleges former teacher Tyler Andree pursued a relationship with her, and he also exchanged sexually explicit messages with her. [Tribune]

Police arrested Andree, 24, on Monday for allegedly having sex with an underage student and for solicitation of a minor. Andree was a chemistry teacher and girls’ swim coach at Morro Bay High School.

One of the two alleged victims in the case, a student under the age of 18, told the Tribune she participated in sexually explicit message exchanges with Andree after he began expressing romantic interest in her. The messaging lasted for more than a month, but their relationship never became physical, the student said. 

In September, her conversations with Andree began to become more flirtatious, and he eventually made it clear he had deep feelings for her, she said. Through mid-October, Andree and she talked in a romantic manner, exchanging sexually explicit messages. 

The student came froward with a written statement to the high school’s interim principal, Jeff Cadwallader, and was interviewed by the school resource officer. She has been in regular contact with investigators and hopes to provide help in any criminal case against Andree, the student said. 

The teen declined to comment on allegations involving Andree having sex with another student.

A 2014 San Luis Obispo High School graduate, Andree began working at Morro Bay High School on Aug. 13, 2019. He resigned on Jan. 18. 

Morro Bay police officers arrested Andree following a three-week investigation. Andree was booked in the San Luis Obispo County Jail and is currently out of custody.