San Luis Obispo sets its top goals for the next two years

San Luis Obispo City Counsel adopted goals and priorities on Tuesday as part of its 2021 to 2023 financial plan. The goals include fiscal sustainability, diversity, climate action and housing.

San Luis Obispo’s goals include:

“Economic recovery, resiliency and fiscal sustainability: In collaboration with local partners, continue to support economic recovery for all from the COVID pandemic and support a thriving local economy by supporting local businesses, arts and culture, downtown vitality, practicing fiscal responsibility, paying down unfunded pension liabilities, and investing in critical infrastructure.”

“Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI): In response to our commitment to making San Luis Obispo a more welcoming and inclusive city for all, continue to develop programs and policies to support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives and advance the recommendations of the DEI task force.”

“Housing and homelessness: In order to expand housing options for all, continue to facilitate the production of housing, including the necessary supporting infrastructure, with an emphasis on affordable and workforce housing. Collaborate with local non-profit partners, and the county, the state and federal government to discover and implement comprehensive and effective strategies to reduce chronic homelessness.”

“Climate action, open space and sustainable transportation: To proactively address the climate crisis, continue to update and implement the Climate Action Plan for carbon neutrality, including preservation and enhancement of open space and urban forest, alternative and sustainable transportation, and planning and implementation for resilience.”

Next, city staff will create draft work plans that they will provide to the council in April. In June, the city will hold workshops before adopting a two-year budget.

“These major city goals, including the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion programs, will help to ensure resources are allocated to accomplish the community’s highest priorities while also delivering essential services over the next two years,” said Mayor Heidi Harmon.