Truck stolen in SLO home invasion found in San Jose

The Chevy Silverado stolen from rural SLO

Johnny Jesse Roman Jr.


Authorities found the truck stolen during a home invasion in San Luis Obispo last weekend abandoned at a gas station in the San Jose area Wednesday morning.

Law enforcement personnel are still searching for the suspect, 38-year-old San Luis Obispo man Johnny Jesse Roman Jr.

On Saturday morning, Roman allegedly invaded the home of an elderly woman in the 1700 block of O’Conner Way and restrained her. Roman stole cash from the victim before fleeing in her 2006 Chevy Silverado, according to the SLO County Sheriff’s Office. 

Responders transported the elderly woman to the hospital to receive treatment for her injuries. 

Investigators issued a be on the lookout for the Chevy Silverado. After the truck was spotted in the San Jose area, authorities recovered the vehicle. 

There is currently an outstanding warrant for Roman’s arrest. Anyone who spots the suspect is asked to call the sheriff’s office immediately at (805) 781-4550.

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