Police searching for missing Morro Bay woman

Terri Katz

San Luis Obispo police are asking the public to help find a missing Morro Bay woman or the car she drives.

On Thursday morning, 67-year-old Terri Katz went to an appointment in SLO, but did not return home. Family members, who reported her missing, said she suffers from short term memory loss, and that her not returning home was highly unusual.

At 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Katz’s car was called in as a possible DUI driver. The caller reported a Geo Prism with California license plate 2UAT290 headed north on Highway 1 passing the California Men’s Colony. Officers responded but could not locate her vehicle.

Investigators do not believe Terri was intoxicated, but rather, could be suffering from a medical emergency.

Police are asking anyone who spots Katz or her sky-blue Geo Prism to call the SLO Police Department.

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