Principal of elementary school in Arroyo Grande resigns

Peter Ponomaroff


The principal of Harloe Elementary School in Arroyo Grande resigned abruptly last week. And the Lucia Mar Unified School District is not disclosing the reason for Principal Peter Ponomaroff’s sudden departure.

District officials notified Harloe Elementary parents of Ponomaroff’s resignation in a message from Superintendent Paul Fawcett sent on Monday. 

“This year has been with lots of change and its own unique challenges,” Fawcett stated in the message. “We wanted to let you know that Mr. Ponomaroff will not be finishing out the rest of the year as principal of Harloe. Mr. Ponomaroff has decided to resign, effective immediately. We know this is a surprise, but we want you to know that we have administrators covering the school.”

Fawcett also thanked Ponomaroff for his work and for making a difference in the lives of many students. 

Lucia Mar Curriculum Director Brett Gimlin will take over as temporary principal for Harloe Elementary. 

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