Burglars nab more than $300,000 of equipment from Morro Bay construction sites

Morro Bay police are searching for a burglar or burglars who stole hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment from a pair of construction sites Thursday morning. 

At about 4 a.m., a manager on scene at a construction site in the 500 block of South Bay Boulevard reported several storage containers had been burglarized. Investigators discovered multiple items of commercial equipment with an estimated value of $300,000 had been stolen from inside storage containers, according to the Morro Bay Police Department. 

Then at about 9 a.m., a similar type of burglary occurred at a construction site near the 1300 block of Quintana Road. A storage container was broken into, and several large heavy items were stolen. 

Police say the vehicle used in the burglaries was a heavy duty or commercial type of truck. Anyone who has information about the case is asked to contact the Morro Bay Police Department at (805) 772-6225.