Large party in SLO raises concerns about an increase in coronavirus cases

A large off-campus party attended by approximately 150 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students on Saturday morning has sparked concerns that spring break and “Saint Fratty’s Day” parties will lead to an increase in COVID-19 cases.

After attendees posted videos of students dancing, drinking and climbing telephone poles, the Cal Poly and SLO Police departments announced they are looking into the gathering. In addition, campus administrators are working to determine if students or campus organizations participated in or organized the event, according to Matt Lazier, Cal Poly’s media relations director.

“We are looking into the gatherings that took place today to determine whether Cal Poly students or organizations were involved, and we will respond appropriately to all violations of health and safety guidelines,” Lazier wrote. “This includes holding accountable any students who receive citations from any police agency this morning via our Student Code of Conduct (which prohibits students from violating local, state, or federal laws).”

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One Comment about “Large party in SLO raises concerns about an increase in coronavirus cases”

  1. Thorbowski says:

    Oh no! Super healthy young people at a party oh no! Make sure you comply or we will fine you, and or incarcerate you! 1984 anyone ?

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