Homicide suspect found in Carpeteria after 30 years

Santa Barbara County Sheriff deputies arrested a 70-year-old man in Carpenteria on Wednesday after discovering he is wanted for the murder of a man in San Francisco more than 30 years ago.

On Nov. 5, 1990, then 40-year-old James Francis Edwards and 46-year-old Lamar Vaughn were arguing when Edwards allegedly shot Vaughn. San Francisco police officers responded to the 200 block of Potrero Avenue to find Vaughn suffering from a gunshot wound and Edwards missing. Vaughn later died at the hospital.

As the investigation continued, investigators learned that Edwards used multiple identities and likely fled the state.

While conducting a welfare check at a home in Carpenteria on March 17, Santa Barbara County sheriff deputies discovered Edwards. Deputies booked him into the Santa Barbara County Jail where he awaits transportation to the San Fransisco County Jail.

“We would like to thank the members of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance in locating and apprehending Edwards and helping return him to San Francisco where he will be held to answer for the criminal charges,” the San Fransisco Police Department said in a press release.

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One Comment about “Homicide suspect found in Carpeteria after 30 years”

  1. cabob101 says:

    Interesting headline…”Homicide suspect found in Carpeteria after 30 years.” Arrested in a carpet store?
    And missed it on the second try! “Santa Barbara County Sheriff deputies arrested a 70-year-old man in Carpenteria…”
    Were you referring to that lovely little town just south of Santa Barbara? Namely, Carpinteria???

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