Santa Barbara County deputies arrest massage therapist for alleged assault

Xiaodong Mei

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s detectives arrested a 46-year-old male massage therapist on Friday for allegedly sexually assaulting clients.

After two people reported Xiaodong Mei had sexually assaulted them during their massages at Max Relaxin in Carpintaria, detectives opened an investigation. A detective posing as a customer went to Max Relaxin for a massage on Friday, and Mei allegedly sexually battered the deputy.

Following the assault, deputies arrested Mei and booked him into the Southern Branch Jail on charges of sexual battery and false imprisonment, in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Investigators are asking anyone with knowledge of additional crimes associated with Mei or Max Relax in Carpinteria to please contact Detective Cockrell at (805) 681-4175. Victim advocates are available to ensure that survivors are kept informed and supported throughout the criminal justice process.

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  1. cabob101 says:

    Select one of the following:

    “during their messages at Max Relaxin in Carpentaria…” or

    “with Mei or Max Relax in Carpinteria…”

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