Paso Robles hiring goats for fire protection

Paso Robles is planning to begin grazing 300 to 500 goats next week to create firebreaks and reduce fuel loads along the Salinas River.

The Salinas River corridor stretches more than three miles from north to south, separating the city’s east and west sides and occupying more than 470 acres. The city has already treated 140 acres of vegetation as it readies for the fire season.

The Goat Girls have been selected to graze on approximately 70 acres this year, starting at the north end of the city and progressing south to Larry Moore Park. The project is funded by a grant from the San Luis Obispo County Community Fire Safe Council.

From May 3 through June 5, portions of the Salinas River walk path will be closed as grazing progresses through the area. The city is encouraging members of the public to visit the area while being cautious of electric fencing used to contain the animals.