Homeless evicted from lot above Pirate’s Cove

Pirates Cove


As part of San Luis Obispo County’s effort to remake the area surrounding Pirate’s Cove, officials on Thursday evicted the homeless who had been living in an encampment at the parking lot above the popular beach. 

In March, the SLO County Board of Supervisors decided to incorporate Cave Landing into the county parks systems. Cave Landing is the cliffside area that leads to Pirate’s Cove, which had traditionally been a nude beach and scene for counterculture in SLO County.

On Thursday, workers launched a cleanup of Cave Landing, which includes removing garbage and graffiti, as well as a redesign of the parking lot. 

Approximately 25 to 45 vehicles had been parked in the Cave Landing parking lot nightly. Only 11 vehicles remained Thursday morning. The individuals who had been living in the 11 vehicles left voluntarily without conflict, County Parks and Recreation Director Nick Franco said.  [KSBY]

Kurt Bretcher, who had been living at Pirate’s Cove for the past few years, said individuals at the encampment received notice over the prior couple days saying they had to leave or face arrest. The encampment may have seemed like a bunch of messed up people living a messed up life, but they were the ones who had been looking out for the place, Bretcher said. 

County officials have been working with the 5 Cities Homeless Coalition and Transitions Mental Health to assist those who had been living at Cave Landing.