Pro-Palestinian protesters march in SLO

Amid nationwide protests against Israel, demonstrators marched through downtown San Luis Obispo on Sunday in a show of support for Palestinians. [KSBY]

Demonstrators called for the United States government to cut off all aid to the Israeli government and for Israel to halt its ongoing air strikes. Protesters carried Palestinian flags and signs including, “killing Palestinian children is not self-defense” and “one Holocaust doesn’t justify another.”

Protest organizer Sara Tubeileh said she was proud of the community for showing up, and she recognized many faces from Cal Poly. 

Activist Hani Alzraiee said he was happy to see half of the crowd was not from the Middle East, but was still concerned about human rights and about people’s lives. 

In North County, pro-Israel demonstrators waved the Israeli flag on Highway 101 overpasses near Atascadero. 

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