San Luis Obispo County’s workforce numbers drop


Even though many coronavirus restrictions have lifted and businesses have reopened, the number of people receiving a paycheck and in the workforce in San Luis Obispo County is declining.

Prior to the pandemic, in Jan. 2020, there were 141,300 people in the SLO County workforce with 136,900 employed, according to the state. By April 2020, amid the lockdown that number fell with 129,500 people in the workforce and 110,300 employed.

As people went back to work, by Feb. 2021, the number of people in the county workforce increased to 130,400 with 122,200 employed.

But then employment numbers again started to decline. In April 2021, there were only 128,300 people in the SLO County workforce with 121,100 employed, the state Employment Development Department reported Friday.

While there were nearly 11,000 more people in SLO County with a paycheck at the end of last month than there were at the same time last year, there are still 15,800 fewer than prior to the pandemic, and 1,200 less than a month ago.

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