Camp Roberts is no longer slated to house migrant children


As the number of unaccompanied migrant children crossing the border falls, and amid complaints that the base at Camp Roberts is not suitable for children, the federal government no longer plans to house children on the base that straddles San Luis Obispo and Monterey counties.

Initially, 1,500 children were to be housed in barracks. Then, there were plans for a maximum of 20,000 children to be sheltered in either military-style tents or trailers for up to four years, according to several sources who have asked to remain anonymous.

The information, first reported by CalCoastNews, caused multiple nonprofits and activists to voice their concerns about the base, which spurred further examination. About three weeks ago, federal officials said it was down to fifty, fifty if the base would be used to house children, sources at the base said.

During the past month, the number of children in Department of Health and Human Services and Customs and Border Patrol custody declined from 22,878 on May 3 to 17,209 on June 4. These numbers do not include children from Mexico, whom are expected to be repatriated, according to Homeland Security.