Vaccine rates increasing in SLO County neighborhoods

Kaleb Powers, 14, getting his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.


After the number of San Luis Obispo County residents eligible to get vaccinated increased, the percentage of those who have already received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine dropped, but has since set record numbers.

The coastal portion of Avila Beach leads SLO County in the number of people over 12 years old who have already received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, followed by the south side of SLO and Cambria. Bradley has the fewest vaccinated residents, followed by the east side of Avila Beach and Shandon.

While there are a few exceptions, the higher percentages of people who elected to get vaccinated live along the coast while those in inland communities trail behind.

California tracks vaccinations by zip code on its open data portal. CalCoastNews has listed communities from the highest percentage of vaccinated residents over 12 years old to the lowest:

Avila Beach — zip code 93424  — 100%

San Luis Obispo — zip code 93401 — 73%

Cambria — zip code 93428 — 66%

Morro Bay — zip code 93442 — 63%

Pismo Beach — zip code 93449 — 62%

Los Osos — zip code 93402 — 60%

Nipomo — zip code 93444 — 60%

Arroyo Grande — zip code 93420 — 60%

Templeton — zip code 93465 — 59%

Cayucos — zip code 93430 — 55%

Grover Beach — zip code 93433 — 54%

Oceano — zip code 93445 — 53%

San Simeon — zip code 93452 — 51%

Atascadero — zip code 93422 — 49%

Santa Margarita and Pozo — zip code 93453 — 49%

Paso Robles — zip code 93446 — 48%

San Miguel — zip code 93451 — 44%

Creston — zip code 93432 — 42%

Shandon — zip code 93461 — 36%

SLO north side and the east side of Avila Beach — zip code 93405 — 35%

Bradley — zip code 93426 — 28%

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  1. Thorbowski says:

    Notice anything here? The lower vaccinated areas are rural and live farther apart than people crammed into the coastal cities. They have been preaching social distancing! So what are you going to get from the people in rural areas? The logical response to what you have told them to do. Be distanced from other people. In most rural areas there are less people and more space in between them. But the progressive dont want you to be healthy they want compliance. They dont care about you they just want power.

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