Bicyclist killed in crash with semi-truck in San Luis Obispo

A bicyclist was killed Friday morning in a crash with a semi-truck in San Luis Obispo.

Shortly after 7 a.m., 61-year-old Salvador Cortez was riding his bicycle northbound on Higuera when a semi-truck driver attempted to turn east onto Suburban Road, and crashed into the bicycle.

Cortez died at the scene.

San Luis Obispo police are investigation the fatal crash.

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One Comment about “Bicyclist killed in crash with semi-truck in San Luis Obispo”

  1. SLOBCRands says:

    My condolences to the family of Salvador Cortez and sympathy for the truck driver, too. He must feel terrible. As I am an avid bike rider myself and live near that intersection, I ride through it regularly and understand the danger there. I hope the Times reports the conclusion of the investigation. It would seem to me that the both the truck driver and the cyclist could have avoided this tragic accident by being more cautious, but legally, the driver is likely at fault. Salvador was in a bike lane to the right of the truck. The truck should have started its turn by signaling and moving closer to the curb and into the bike lane 200 feet before the intersection. This is the recommended approach in the Commercial Driver’s Handbook as it cuts off any bikes that may try to pass on the right and clearly signals the upcoming right turn to cyclists. Once the truck got to the intersection, it would have been safe for it to start a “buttonhook” turn with no risk of cyclists passing on the right. That particular intersection is specifically designed to allow trucks to safely complete the buttonhook turn as the stop line on Suburban keeps cars at the stop light more than 50 feet back from the intersection. Let’s hope the police report recognizes these facts.

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