Stop work order slapped on People’s Self Help Housing project in Los Osos


People’s Self Help Housing is under fire after they allegedly clear cut approximately an acre of wetlands in Los Osos, all without a permit.

Wetland are complex ecological resources that are protected under state and federal laws. Situated in the heart of Los Osos, these coastal wetlands are home to egrets and herons.

Before clearing the lot, People’s Self Help Housing posted a sign saying they would be doing “weed abatement,” beginning on June 16. The housing agency then hired Tutt Tree and Crane to clear the lot, telling Mike Tutt it was a fire safety issue.

The willows removed were either dead or broken, and covered in vines, Tutt said.

After discovering the clearing of the designated wetland, San Luis Obispo County Code Enforcement posted a stop work order over the People’s Self-Help housing sign.

“Violation: Unauthorized work in designated wetlands/coastal zone,” according to the stop work order. “Penalty for violation, zoning requirements, Code Case 2021-00191.”

Calls to People’s Self Help Housing in SLO were answered by a recording that says, “This number is currently inactive.”

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One Comment about “Stop work order slapped on People’s Self Help Housing project in Los Osos”

  1. bigE48 says:

    SLO County Code enforcement is wrong…The property cleared was the former septic leachfield area for the 75 apartment units located on the improved 3 acres. The one acre site in question was where all the septic tank effuent went. The apartments were built in the mid 70’s and the land was soon covered by willows, weeds and various vines. Once the community sewer system was installed and the apartments were connected, this area dried out as there was no more effluent. It was a fire hazard as the vegetation was drying and it was and eyesore. It was a weed abatement project and regularly was cited by CDF Fire as a fire hazard….

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