Why does SLO County leadership wanting staff to run the elections office?

Stew Jenkins


An open letter to the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors:

Just days ago the governor signed 10 sweeping bills amending the conduct of elections. Changes now must be lawfully harmonized with local preferences.

In July, you took joyful steps toward ending the mistrust that has swept through our county by welcoming all applicants to fill the vacant SLO County Clerk-Recorder’s Office. Selecting the right qualified individual from outside the institutional administrative class will bring our citizens together, restore confidence in county elections, and improve services in every part of our county.

At a time when the United States Attorney has ongoing investigations into San Luis Obispo County, it is time to bring in new leadership. Leadership with integrity and broad election, recording, contracting and management experience is needed.

Leadership with no ties to the culture of corruption that has generated those ongoing investigations by the U.S. Attorney is needed.

The institutional administration instead doubled down. There is an incestuous quality to their message. Look at the energy it has applied to keep you from even interviewing anyone outside their institutional administrative family.

The administrative class has suppressed your vote, by ignoring your direction to give you seven candidates for interviews. It has generated propaganda claiming that a candidate who is an election law attorney, with experience as a deputy registrar of voters, experience as a county polling place inspector, experience in elective office, experience managing public and private contract bidding, experience setting aside partisanship, and experience managing employees and contractors is somehow not qualified to lead the office.

You can take an important step to end the culture of corruption that the Administrative class has allowed to fester.

Throw off the reins of those seeking to fence you off from the qualified leaders our citizens need.

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One Comment about “Why does SLO County leadership wanting staff to run the elections office?”

  1. bigE48 says:

    Sorry Stew…you may be a great person but your essay is a bit disingenuous as you nominated yourself to the position being considered…I’m sorry but the Board of Supervisors has spoken including your former client Lynn Compton…
    Really, if you want the position, put yourself on the ballot for the June primary. Realistically, we should just let the Deputy Clerk run the show until the people choose a new Clerk/Recorder.
    The Election duties are just one portion of the job. There is much more that must be done that is actually more dependent on the Clerk/Recorder. The election job is pretty much mandated by law. The Clerk should lnot put him or herself into any big decision making…end out the ballots and count them…follow the law…Crap…all the issues being debated and pondered over re: the election duties are merely political pandering….

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