SLO County mask mandate to continue, back to the tier system

Director Penny Borenstein


San Luis Obispo County will continue to require people wear masks in public places until two benchmarks are met, the county health department announced Wednesday.

The health department will not lift the mask mandate until the county remains in the yellow tier or lower for at least 10 days, as determined by the CDC. And while the health department is reporting the county is currently in the substantial orange tier, the CDC places the county in the high red tier.

In addition, county COVID-19 hospitalizations need to be “low and stable and total hospital capacity sufficient to meet the needs of all patients, in the judgment of the County Health Officer Penny Borenstein.”

While requiring county residents meet the new requirements in order to end the mask mandate, Borenstein did not provide the required case counts and hospitalizations to get there.

“The COVID-19 case rate in SLO County is moving in the right direction and for that I thank the many residents and business owners who are actively complying with the indoor mask requirement and those who are making the decision to get vaccinated,” Borenstein said. “As this current surge begins to recede, now is the time to establish criteria we can collectively work toward to lift indoor masking requirements for many people in many settings.”

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  1. bigE48 says:

    Get real 2Much…this is no co.mie plot you conspiracy nut case…it is a public health issue. Grow up and do u
    your part…are we a country that works together or a bunch of radical individualists that are so selfish they can’t help out our great country?

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