Rock slide north of Ragged Point closes Highway 1


A rock slide discovered Wednesday morning has shut down Highway 1 from Ragged Point in San Luis Obispo County to Gorda in Monterey County, according to Caltrans.

Rocks fell from a cliffside onto the northbound lane of Highway 1 about 2 miles north of Ragged Point. Early assessments indicate the highway may be closed for up to a week.

Highway 1 is closed just north of the Ragged Point Inn, which remains open. Highway 1 remains open for local travel from Carmel to Gorda.

In addition to rockfall on the road, there is concern about unsupported rock on the slopes immediately above the roadway.

Earlier today, Caltrans entered into a new emergency contract for $500,000 with Papich Construction of Arroyo Grande to make necessary repairs. Crews and equipment have already been mobilized.

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