Woman gets $1.25 million settlement for alleged rape by Paso Robles officer

Sean Christopher McGuire


A woman allegedly raped by a former Paso Robles police officer has been awarded a $1.25 million settlement.

Ex-Sgt. Sean Christopher McGuire allegedly raped the woman in Dec. 2017 after responding to a domestic violence call at her home. McGuire is also accused of threatening to physically harm the woman or have her children taken away if she told anyone about the sexual assault. 

While DNA evidence showed McGuire had sex with the woman, San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow said he could not prove the sex acts were not consensual. Dow opted not to prosecute McGuire.

In Dec. 2019, the woman sued McGuire and the city of Paso Robles in federal court.

On Sept. 29, the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (JPIA) approved the settlement. The JPIA will pay the $1.25 million to the woman. Additionally, the JPIA covered the city of Paso Robles’s $356,810 expert and legal fee bill, City Manager Ty Lewis said.

McGuire’s alleged abuse of the woman began on Dec. 19, 2017, when she called 911 to report her boyfriend had assaulted her. McGuire was one of the officers routed to the woman’s home to provide assistance. 

While the other officers left following the arrest of the boyfriend, McGuire stayed behind for approximately four hours. McGuire ordered the woman to hug her.

“McGuire grabbed plaintiff’s hand and placed it on his gun, which he was wearing in a holster on his hip,” the lawsuit stated. “He then grabbed her left hand and placed it on his erect penis. McGuire then asked plaintiff what gun she preferred.”

The woman said she preferred the firearm, bu McGuire then insisted she tell him what she would do with his “big cock.”

A few days later, McGuire stopped by the victim’s house wearing civilian clothes. He said he was on his way to work and was conducting a welfare check.

McGuire then asked the woman to go to her garage, so they could talk privately, as her children were home. Inside the garage, McGuire tried to force her to perform oral sex. After she refused, McGuire bent her over a platform, pulled her pants down and raped her, according to the suit.

Following the rape, McGuire allegedly stalked, harassed and threatened the woman. McGuire threatened to physically harm the woman or to make up allegations against her and have social services take her children away if she told anyone about the sexual assault.

In about April 2018, McGuire asked the woman if she had told others what happened. He then unsuccessfully attempted to force her to perform oral sex, according to the suit. After the woman began screaming, McGuire stopped and ordered her to follow him to his car.

McGuire then repeated his threat to have social services take the woman’s two children if she told anyone about the sexual assault. 

The former Paso Robles officer was also accused of abusing other alleged victims. Investigators noted that some of the sex acts occurred while the officer was in uniform.

Other parents have also accused McGuire of having CPS take their children through lies, in one case because the parents were gay.

McGuire resigned from the Paso Robles Police Department in 2018.