Thieves steal 11 catalytic converters in SLO in one week


Thieves stole 11 catalytic converters from vehicles in San Luis Obispo over the past week, according to police.

Nine of the stolen catalytic converters came from Toyota Priuses. The other two were stolen from Honda Elements,police said.

“Catalytic converter theft this last week has been aggressive throughout the city,” police said.

The police department is asking residents to call 911 immediately if they hear or see suspicious activity. 

Earlier this year, in February, officers caught three thieves from Northern California as they were stealing catalytic converters in San Luis Obispo. Then in May, officers caught a pair of thieves from Merced with eight stolen catalytic converters. 

In late March, officers said there had already been 73 catalytic converter thefts in San Luis Obispo since Jan. 1. Priuses had been a common target for the catalytic converter thieves, police said at the time.