Swastikas and racial slurs found on cars in Orcutt


Residents found swastikas and racial slurs painted on several vehicles in an Orcutt neighborhood last week.

The vehicles included a pickup truck and a minibus, neighbors said. In addition to swastikas, “I h8” was painted on the minibus, Orcutt resident Cleona Bautista said. [KCOY]

An Orcutt man told KSBY he woke up Friday morning to find a Swastika and a racial slur in red ink on his truck. Several Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies came out to the area to investigate, the man said.

Following the incident, the NAACP Santa Maria-Lompoc Branch released a statement condemning the graffiti.

“The NAACP finds the graffiti messaging reprehensible, offensive and intolerant and condemn it in the strongest language possible,” the local NAACP branch said in the statement. “The NAACP further calls on the community of Orcutt and all communities to reject hatred, bigotry and intolerance in their communities and society as a whole and to work with the NAACP and other like-minded organizations to embrace diversity, tolerance, inclusivity and equitable society where all members are valued, treated equally and with dignity and respect.”