Affordable housing development coming to Grover Beach


The Grover Beach City Council Monday approved an affordable housing project that will provide 52 apartments for low-income households.

The project — planned for construction on several lots located on 13 Street and Grand Avenue — consists of  24 one-bedroom, 15 two-bedroom and 14 three-bedroom apartments. In addition, the project includes a community garden, a multi-purpose room with a kitchen, a barbecue area, benches, picnic tables and a 750 square foot sports court for use by residents.

Peoples Self Help Housing and The Housing Authority of San Luis Obispo are planning for a mix of extremely low (30% of area median income), very low (less than 50% of the county median income) and low income (less than 80% of the county median income) units. The units will have a 55-year deed restriction that requires all units remain available for low-income residents.

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