Grover Beach plans to approve cannabis lounges in the city


The Grover Beach City Council took the first step on Monday towards revamping the city’s marijuana scene through the inclusion of cannabis lounges.

Taking inspiration from Los Angeles and San Francisco, Grover Beach would be the first city in San Luis Obispo County with marijuana lounges where patrons can smoke pot, vape oils and eat edibles infused with THC. If the state adopts pending new laws, the lounges will also serve nonalcoholic drinks and munchies.

“The City of Grover Beach currently has three cannabis retailers operating in a safe and responsible way with a fourth under construction,” said Grover Beach Mayor Jeff Lee. “Allowing our retailers to expand their business operations will continue to help strengthen our local economy, further transform our commercial spaces, and create new jobs and tax revenue for the Grover Beach community.”

The city would allow indoor and outdoor locations, on the condition that the spaces not be visible from public areas, and that the odors be properly filtered so as not to be noticeable in nearby properties or public spaces. In line with cannabis retail shops, the lounges will have a 9 p.m. curfew.

The measure requires a final vote at a Grover Beach City Council meeting in March, following public input.

“The Grover Beach City Council’s recent policy decisions relating to the cannabis industry have further demonstrated their commitment to a thoughtful, responsible, and safe approach to expanding this industry in Grover Beach,” said Matthew Bronson, Grover Beach city manager. “We have seen the benefits this industry has brought to our community in providing jobs and expanding city revenues to allow us to better meet the needs of our thriving community.”